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Something new Date: Mar 5th @ 11:27pm EST
hi my dear friends and customers, and those who just went on my page by accident! I would like to tell you ogromnooe thank you for what you remember about me, though not always show it in the chat room! I would like to touch on politics. Currently this is not the good that can happen between our countries! and worst of all, and this affects the attitude of the people! In one country, newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet connection, transmit one version of events in the other - the other, there is an influence on the human brain, friends become enemies, quarreling relatives, destroying families, people get divorced! I can not see that the attitude of many customers on site to me just changed, probably because we are all in some way the Patriots and support our country, a country in which we live. I tried to ignore it, but it's hard! myy probably never know the truth and who is wrong, so I think it makes no sense to spoil relations because of the situation in which we have no choice. I would like to remain friends regardless of nation, religion and country! discard all prejudices remain people, kind and sympathetic, to help all those in need
Continue Date: Feb 7th @ 12:53am EST
after some thought, I realized that the previous blog about the relationship I have not finished, perhaps about it, you can write and speak for a long time! setsialnaya is a topic that excites many! Many authors write about how to build a strong relationship, but it is only a theory, in practice it turns out quite differently! people learn only if you make your own mistakes. but today I would like to write about insults. often in a relationship when there is a quarrel lyudim start insulting each other. I think this is not right. couple - two halves of a whole. Ie if we take for example the computer and it will have a good powerful video card, but a weak processor, the whole computer will be bad! So it is in a relationship, if one will say that the second fool, he should know that mentally he gets just a fool! when we choose a loved one - for us it is always the best, and it should always stay that way! in all situations your loved one must be for you the most good! it can not be bad for you, you are one piece! This is my opinion, and I think it is correct
My vision of ideal attitudes Date: Feb 6th @ 12:56am EST
As of today, or even this moment I want to talk about the relationship in pairs! about what thoughts in the minds of lovers oh! Initially (when everything is just beginning), all is well. we see only the best in your partner, before the meeting, we are already thinking: "what he is good, maybe he knows how this or that", although even this is probably not true, but we have postponed this information in my head, I call it label. In the future, when first starting problems in a relationship, we can not understand why your partner has become so, even though we do not understand that it was always like that, it's just you subconsciously make it better than it actually is! My opinion is no need to invent some better quality for your partner, then to not be disappointed that such qualities he has no need to take it with its flaws, it is not necessary to redo! if he wants, he will do it yourself! and then there will be a lot easier to be mensche quarrels over trifles that we come up with your own! so it is necessary to always talk! Your partner should be your best friend, with whom you can talk about everything and take it with you in any company.
on road Date: Jan 21st @ 1:50am EST
More shortly I go yesterday on a bicycle home, meal on road, I touch nobody. Here I see ahead a pool, well I think while machines are not present it is necessary to pass quickly it that I was sprinkled with machines. I include the raised transfer and I am dispersed. Here edge of an eye I notice the machine which is going to leave court yard ona part since I am on main - that speed naturally I do not reduce. But when I leave because of bushes I have time to understand that the car driver did not see me and, a head about a cowl - I have time to regret that has not got a helmet.
Further I have a memory blackout of seconds on 10 (later having analysed a situation I have understood it on a rotating wheel away from me). Over me there is a blond girl with the white person and shivering hands it tries to open phone a frog when it is possible to it it probably tries to type fast or something similarly to 112 or 911, here I already come to the senses and I speak (the truth not the voice:)) it is not necessary fast. It translates a sight at me and probably it reaches that I am yet dead, I feel the head - like is whole. Color of its person instantly varies with white on red, then gets a shade when I trying to rise from the ground have fallen down sideways from a pain in a knee.
I have thought well all crisis. I feel a leg, bones on a place, I lift up like everything is all right, the maid on up to me something type excuse I you did not see, can cause fast and still something. Second time has tried to rise, has asked to help - keeping for its shoulder hardly has risen, has twisted a leg like moves. I try to collect ideas inas it so has turned out.
Smile) Date: Dec 20th @ 12:22am EST
During about a situation in a life! Often I meet people (sometimes, and directly I complain, but I try to leave this habit) who constantly complain of a situation in a life! They speak it in them depression because someone has not bought it new phone, or they during long time were not at restaurant, устали on work, or that it is not any work! But anybody that does not do to change something! All to be afraid to be beyond comfort, to lift a lazy ass from a bed! They - such trifles, on comparison on which there are people-has put - the invalid which or since a birth have any problems or have them during vital situations! They have no hands or legs, have no any limitations, possibly do not hear, or see! But they never complain, that the life has given them which has not given another! They studied to like to trifles of a life! They smile, move ahead! It should seem to me us to study, to be pleased that in us should see fine all and constantly smile! It would be interesting to leave in the street and to see that all around of a smile
something impotant in life Date: Dec 19th @ 2:47am EST
Rather interesting situation in the world, the dollar and euro rise in the price, the rouble aspires downwards, oil becomes cheaper, gasoline rises in price, the prices in shops become above, salaries remain at a former level. Snows are not present, though also winter, at all the stress, depression, a head blows up from the information which we see and we hear on TV, people continue to pursue with brands, there is no in our life of such values as family, parents, a love, friendship! Everyone say lies for the sake of profit, lick an ass to rise on career ladders, wait for a miracle or the rich person who will solve all of them problems! To people laziness to lift an ass and something to make that the future (even own has changed). That are capable of all the majority of us, it to make comments and criticize acts of other people. I have noticed that the happiest on the ground are pets as it is not interesting to them on how many the exchange rate has changed or on products how many have risen in price, they at all do not know value of these words! For them the most important is family, they wait for you from work, and continue to love in what situations you it has not appeared, is at you money or not, it the main thing your care is not important what apartment at you or the machine, to it! Why I write this блог because I want that people did not forget about the most important in this life!))
In the image days really arrived cheerful. Date: Aug 13th @ 3:19am EDT
Day has passed was confused nothing plainly is made and going to hotel I mentally already was going to take a shower and have a rest, distract, the truth, not knowing as. Having approached to a door, I very strongly was surprised, having found out its not closed. Having entered at a door, I have heard noise of a shower in a bathroom, and have seen two figures about something briskly talking on loggias. Noise of a closed door, most likely, has drawn their attention. One of them was separated from a handrail, fine gesture having sent a stub in space, and has passed in a room. What my surprise when on a background of the growing dark sky I have seen, he absent already more two weeks, yes-yes that was. That's all, here and final evening. Already tomorrow Andrey will not be the schoolboy. And today should be lead to fun. After final evening it has been planned five days to stay on wood lake far from a civilization, as they say to have a rest savages. As well as it is necessary to savages to live it was necessary in tents, parents have solved, that was people adults, therefore has been decided to leave them without supervision of adults. It is natural, that the youth was reserved by alcohol under an outset. So days really were coming cheerful.
Sperm dripped to me Date: Aug 6th @ 2:05am EDT
Sperm dripped to me on the person and I pinched it together with Anyuta's juices which plentifully followed therefrom. Soon all was over. As always Anyuta has become soft and has fallen to me. Cautiously I have got out and began to put on. Has boiled tea and has collected the rests of an evening supper. Anyuta laid and looked at me. It all this time remained naked. As the little girl I began to dress my seductress. It is visible to it the role of the little girl, because it sayd to me on knees, and I having set it to itself has liked, beginning to feed, kissing continuously. The case has reduced me once with one woman who became in a consequence my wife. About that as there was this acquaintance I and wish to tell. In my forty five it is difficult to marry again, having lost once the beloved, each time getting acquainted it was necessary to compare all time all the woman to that which for you unique and favourite. Has passed five years as the wife has thrown me, and here once I have gathered in a distant campaign. Has laid in a backpack all necessary and has gone. It is necessary to tell, that to distract from this stroke of bad luck, I stay to distant campaigns.
About some strangenesses Date: Jun 28th @ 4:34am EDT
I wonder how many people try to change other people around them. Everyone tried something to change in me: appearance, hobbies, friends, sights. I change only one - people. If it is fair, I am very tired that all is given around to me by advice. Our relatives or so-called friends. They like to speak about what our light future should be. They choose for you institute in which will study. They choose where to us to go to work, and where to work it is not necessary. They speak about morals, and then every evening buy to itself alcohol. Such feeling, that they have thought up this world. As if they have thought up, that is good, and that is bad. They think out, whom it is necessary to meet. I shall tell fairly. I am tired from principles, rules. All is equal to me, that the timid people, not ready to renounce with those opinions which were thought up with a society think of me. The most important seems to me, that, that is in the person is its individuality, its DIFFERENCES from associates. Each of us is created unique. And I actually wish to be myself. To look how it would be desirable me. To think how it would be desirable me. Instead of to pseudo-teachers. And andnot to advisers. In fact as a so rule people give advice when in the life at them something as is impossible. In fact to give very advice is much easier, than to change the life, to be pulled out from the fetters. I hope, that you with me are solidary
As it would be desirable me My vanity and secret preferences
Sometimes there are interesting things Date: Jun 26th @ 4:13am EDT
What did that mean? Was it an 'all boys together' lets-get-us-some-girls comment, or did his raised eyebrow and slightly flushed cheeks mean something else. Fuck, confusing or what! The rest of the evening passed in something of a blur. My mind was whirling with beer, the constant parade of hot boys, and trying not to think about what the fuck Jamie's words meant...if anything. I was also getting a bit pissed, as was everybody else, and before I knew it, it was 4am and we were starting to wend our way back to the apartment.

I felt a bit unsteady on my feet, to say the least, and after my third stumble on the pavement Jamie came alongside me and put a supportive arm around my shoulders. He was holding me!. "Shame you didn't pull tonight" I said casually.

"The night is still young" said Jamie, and winked at me. His arm tightened around my shoulders.

When we got back to the apartment, the guys decided to crash. Jamie and I went back to our room, and as I watched him fumbling the key into the lock I realised he was a bit pissed too. Once in the room he went and sat this straight on my bed and lay back and moaning softly and clutching his head. "Christy" he said. "I feel like shit." He is certainly didn't look it, he looked fucking beautiful! I went and sat howby him, my heart beginning to pick up its beat man. so I put a friendly arm around his shoulder (what was I doing????).
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